Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweet February

February has been quite eventful for me till now!! It started off with me picking up “Such A Long Journey” by Rohinton Mistry (a book I wanted to read for so long) on the very first date and later on realising that it would really be a long journey for me to read it. ;-) Well, I completed that long journey somehow and now feel really happy about it!!

The second good thing was that I got a job at Surya Roshni Ltd. just before the valentine day!! So, this year at least, the agony of not finding a girl didn’t bother me much as I was too happy to even remember that 14th of February is something called Valentine day!! It has been quite a lot of fun thinking about what my schedule would be like in the company while on training. Well, what’s funny in thinking about the schedule?? What is there to thing even??!! Well, keep reading and you would come to know. So, I, Ashish Agrawal, in my full senses present to my blog readers (who are actually very few, in fact nobody for sure except my brother), my expected schedule at Surya Roshni....ya you got it right, it’s the same Surya!! Jab Suraj Dhale, Surya Uge!! Surya Bulbs, Surya Tubes, Surya!! Surya!!

6 am: Get up!! No, actually start doing Yoga with the CMD of Surya Roshni. So, getting up is before 6. The correct time would be 5 hr: 32 min: 47 sec, I guess!!

8 am: Woo!! It’s breakfast time but after Yoga, I can only be allowed to eat sprouts, milk, salad and that stuff!! Remember, nothing fried or nothing called as creepy as ‘Fast Food’ my boy!!

8:30 am: I hope the training session starts at that time!! But what the training would be about is still suspicious. :-)

12:30 pm: Eat the simple lunch!! Remember ‘Fast Food’ is still bad for health!!

1:30 pm: Go to bed!! Don’t you know that an afternoon nap is too good for health?

4:00 pm: You ate food for your stomach. Now, it’s time to feed your mind baby!! Read some good books!! Won’t you?

6:00 pm: This time sounds interesting!! Ride a horse’s back, jump into the swimming pool or play football!! I am gonna like it!!

8:30 pm: The dinner is ready! But...but but but but but .....the ‘Fast Food’ rule still holds true. :-)

9:30 pm: You must sleep now!! Have to get up and do Yoga tomorrow, isn’t it?

Well, I could find and thought only this much!! Hope there are no more surprises, and if there are any, those are interesting!! And wow, I am behaving like a perfect professional, criticising my job even before joining it!! I really like it, yes I am.

Well, moving ahead, I had the second last mid-sems of my life, or say IIT Roorkee life!! And I kind of enjoyed it, rather than fearing it!! Am I talking like a ghissu? Don’t know but don’t care either!! :P

And I finally went to Rishikesh this!! Ya, laugh at me but what can I do if I didn’t get any chance to go there for the past three and half years?? Well, more on Rishikesh later.

And I am on a Fast Food eating operation these days as I seriously think that I should make up for the time in future when I won’t be allowed to even see it!!