Friday, March 30, 2012

One Year In Delhi & The Learnings Are...................

It has been a year today since I came to Delhi to become a resident/immigrant in this city. When I had left Delhi, I had left it forever, thinking that I would do something in my home state and would not come to Delhi to make a living. But didn’t some wise man say, “Man proposes and God disposes”? So, here I was, again, not being able to do much there in Bihar and returning to Delhi to find a living.

When I came back to Delhi, though I still wanted to work in the field of education at my heart, I just wanted a job and would have been very happy getting any, even if it was to wipe the nose of my boss every hour. The burden f unemployment had been too heavy for the last five months and I just wanted to ‘work’ now.

After coming to Delhi, I had my efforts in place to find a job, but as I was looking for one, opportunity came knocking in the form of Pratham-North India. So, I got an opportunity to do what I wanted to do in Bihar. Once again, the desire to work in the field of education became strong and left my aspirations for a job in IT/engineering. I joined Pratham and it was nice working there for almost one and a half months. Though I left Pratham to join PRS Legislative Research as a LAMP Fellow, I didn’t leave the field of education either through Pratham or Unlearn Formulae. And the time was fun, pure fun!!

Now if you have read this far, you must be wondering, “where is the learning in all this narrative?” so without wasting much of time and internet space, let’s talk about the learning:

·         At times, you might be very low in life and it would be difficult to hang on. You would be urged by the circumstances to choose the easier option and you might choose that. But if you hang on, you probably would come out of any situation.

·         You need to believe in your destiny or karma or whatever you call it. That is the only thing which is your pillar which will give you support at times. And to have faith in your destiny, the first requirement is to be a good human being.

·         You can’t always listen to your parents or the society. They might not let you do what you want to do and what you are meant for.

·         You should not worry about your market value. If you work in whatever field you want to for a considerable period of time, you will raise your market value to the level where you want it to be or where you would have been otherwise.

·         Your body and brain are something which will always remain with you whether you have a career or not, learn to have a connection with them and try to keep them charged and fit. You can’t be happy with a grand career if you are not fit physically and mentally.

·         Last but not the least, the universe always conspires to help you in what you want to do in life. At times, it might test you and the test might be a little harsh sometime, but if you stand by your conviction, you will come out with flying colours.

P.S. One thing which I learnt about this city is that this city is a little weird (may be all cities are with a certain pace to life) and, at times, I feel that I am in a different world when I compare it with my hometown. Sometimes I want to run away from this jungle but, at times, I just miss it!