Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bye Bye IIT-JEE!!

Six years ago, second Sunday of April, probably it was 8th April like today, and I was all ready to give the much hyped and so called exam of exams ‘IIT-JEE’. Like most of the people appearing for the exam, I just wanted the day to get over so that I could breathe in peace. Though I was quite skeptical of my chances of making it through the IIT-JEE, the exam mattered a lot to me as it did to many others. However, the exam happened and so did the results; many hopes were broken and many skeptical souls (like mine) climbed a sharp peak of happiness. I had achieved something which seemed a very big thing at that moment. And at the same time, I proved to myself and the world around me that I could do something. This success gave me the confidence to take up any challenge in life. Probably this was something which gave me a bigger pleasure than the achievement itself.

But when I look back, I don't find it to be something which was given larger than life importance (by people around me and, at times, me too). Probably, this is because I know the world better now. Now I know that there are bigger things in life which are to be done, many battles to be fought, many victories to be acclaimed. No, I am not a warlord or a barbaric fighter but yes, I am a fighter.  I fight against the evil inside me and at the same time, I fight against things around me which are not correct.

As high school graduates sit today for this exam across the country with hopes, dreams and anxious faces, I wish them all the luck in this world. At the same time, I am happy that this exam is going to be over for good as I think that it has taken away the joy of school life for many. It forced many to ignore and forgo the last few years of school life which are treasures for life time.

Life can never be made or shattered by one exam which is taken up with pen and paper in hand. Life, in fact, is a bigger exam with a few mind-boggling questions every other day. One needs to be an expert in solving the questions of life, and not worry too much about solving the questions which are kept in front in the printed form.

It doesn’t matter much whether one studies in the best college or the second or the third best college. What matters in the long run is your honesty, your sincerity towards work, your ability to take up risks and challenges. And no college in this world can teach this art better than the University of Life.

So here comes my bit of advice for the IIT-JEE aspirants today: Go enjoy the exam as you would like to enjoy the life. Don’t worry much about results; leave it on your destiny. Whatsoever happens, your destiny would never fail you. Best of Luck!!

P.S. I understand IIT-JEE would be loved by many and its demise would make them unhappy but there is, probably, another class of people who would love its demise. I belong to the second category. And hence, the happiness expressed on the fact that IIT-JEE won’t be there next year onwards!