Monday, November 8, 2010

Are We a Part of Odyssey??

Youth is defined as the time when a person is young (at heart of course), energetic, enthusiastic, vibrant with new ideas and ready to try out new things for him. This time, the person is restless and wants to explore as many new things as possible. It’s the time to experiment with life, a time to go on a long and adventurous journey, both inside and outside. It’s the time to live the Odyssey Years in the true sense of the term.

But the greater question is: Are we a part of the Odyssey? Are we willing to leave the comforts of a cozy office and a handsome salary cheque? Are we ready to deviate from the pre-laid path our families and society has set for us? Are we ready to explore new things?

A friend of mine joined the IT sector about an year back and is about to quit. Reason: boring work, extra long working hours, lack of freedom and exploitation by the team leader and the project manager. And the most important of all, he doesn’t see a future for himself in the IT sector because copying some codes from one window and pasting them in another doesn’t make him happy. And hence, he wants to leave the job.

“What next?” I asked him. “I don’t know”, came the reply, “but this is sure that I can’t work in IT.” May be he will try higher studies or do something which he actually wants to do and which gives him satisfaction irrespective of the amount on each month’s salary cheque.

This is one example of trying to live the Odyssey years but what about the rest of the junta? Interestingly, my friend says that none of his colleagues is happy with the work the IT sector is providing. But none of them has the courage to take the plunge. Because there is always the question of ‘what to do’ looming over the head as if a degree in engineering closed doors for all the other possible options of livelihood. Some give the argument that the IT sector has huge potential for providing a good future. And here a good future is synonym for a hefty salary regardless of job satisfaction and overall happiness quotient of life.

And this is not the case with people in just one sector or two. Everywhere around us we can see the years of life meant for exploring and taking risks being spoiled to make a more secure and happy future. What makes me wonder is, “Can an unsatisfied present lay down the foundation stone for a happy future?”