Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We Have a Lot of Time! Don't We?

Last week, I went to my bank (no, I don’t own a bank, it actually refers to the bank where I have an account) to get my internet banking password. I was asked by one of the lady to go to assistant manager’s cabin and ask the person sitting there for the same. The moment I went there, he got on to a phone call which lasted for about ten minutes discussing business, haal chal and life. Patiently, I kept waiting for the call to finish and get my password. The moment this assistant manager put the phone back, a guy appeared from nowhere into the cabin, passed on greetings with the manager and they started off another discussion about some transaction which was to be done and the complications arising out of it. And all this while, I was learning banking lessons from these people and thinking “Didn’t I come before this guy?”

And then this bright moment came when my dear Assistant Manager bothered to raise his head and look at me. He asked my purpose of standing there and after knowing it, asked me to wait for two minutes. I sat at the sofa lying nearby and waited. After some 10 minutes, I was waiting and still I kept on waiting. When it went beyond my tolerance limit, I went back to the assistant manager and kept standing there. He again took some time to raise his head and tell me that he will get back to me soon. I was agitated as I had already waited for 25-30 minutes for a password. Finally, he called me and again asked my purpose of my visit. I explained him the purpose which forced him to search for my letter which contained the password. But before he could search he again made a few phone calls and did some data entry in his computer. During this time, he also asked me what I studied and where I was working and why I changed fields.

And after a lot of head hunting, he declared that my papers were not there and actually there is a ‘Madam’ who is the actual Assistant Manger and she will give me the password. He asked me to wait for ‘the’ Madam or come another day. This angered me, which I tried not to show. But when I told him that he kept me waiting for around 35-40 minutes for a single piece of paper and even after that, he was unable to give it to me, he replied by saying “hum to jo customer pehle aayega usi ko dekhenge.

I decided not to talk to him anymore because that would mean an unnecessary exchange of unpleasant words with him at a time when I was already late for office. I just left the bank premises thinking I am never going to go back to take my password.

P.S. I know I am going back to get my password but this incidence stops me whenever I decide about going to the bank.