Thursday, December 3, 2009

Of Placement, Success & Happiness

Two days have passed since the placements started at IIT Roorkee. Many of my friends made it through the biggies and there were many more heart breaks (including me). But well, who told that the placement season is smooth and painless for everyone? And being rejected from the list of most probable candidates for any company is not so easy to digest.

And when I think of someone like Nipun Jain (one of my friends), who got rejected after the interview round on both the days, I really have to ponder about the cruelty of life and cruelty of placement process. It takes a lot of courage and self motivation when one faces rejection after rejection. My best wishes to you Nipun and I hope you come with flying colours at the end of all this drama. At the same time, I wish good luck to all my friends.

We all want a high paying job or the one in a high profile company with great growth opportunities. But is that it? Once a person gets such a dream job, can he/she be satisfied and can be labelled completely contended? Well, for someone who has just faced a big selection or a big rejection, the answer can be yes. But will this answer really be yes some months down the line?

When I was in school, I was told that getting a good score in the tenth board is something which would be the perfect start to a happy and successful life. After tenth, it was getting into a good engineering college (say IITs) was what defined as the milestone for success. In IIT, starting off with a decent CGPA and being involved in extra curriculars defined success. Getting a good intern was the next step in chasing success. And now getting a good job is success and the key to ultimate happiness.

When our parameters for defining success change so rapidly, and we keep on running one thing after another to get happiness, I am forced to think whether the next milestone would really give me a satisfaction for being successful and make me contended as far as being happy is concerned. And how long will I keep running after something or the other in the pursuit of success and happiness??

Some people would say that constant growth in life where one adds on skills and learns new things gradually is success and that success, when achieved, keeps us happy and contented. Quite true!! But can that gradual growth, by any means, measured with parameters set by us like board exams or competitive exams or interviews or anything else?

The bigger question which teases me sometimes is how can we change the outlook of the people and the society at large which measures success and happiness in terms of tangible benefits only? And leaves little scope for real growth!! 


  1. You rightly captured the feelings of the placement season man ! nice reading ..

  2. good but prospectives differ n since u r nt at their place u dont think as they do.everyone needs the best n starting from bigbang it is survival of the fittest..

  3. >>>You wrote "When our parameters for defining success change so rapidly, and we keep on running one thing after another to get happiness" .... EXPERIMENT, DISCOVER, PURSUE your own happiness dnt go by the ideas of some old man and society ....
    Honestly No offense meant but I guess u focus more on your writing style which is already very good and lucid ...BEST WISHES

  4. @Dead/Alive
    I am all for experimenting, discovering and pursuing one's own happiness but what I actually meant is this process of experimentation and pursuing happiness should not be decided by the rules of the society. One has to search one's own destiny with a clear head and 'free thinking'.

    "Focus more on writing style": May be I do unconsciously, but whatever I write, I try to put up my viewpoint clearly. You might find it unbalanced, biased, immature, incomplete or anything else but I write what I think/feel.