Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tour de 2010

Taking the tour of a year actually takes a year because the experiences of life one gets in a year can never be put into words. One can tell about a few events, a few big ones which matter more than others and are fresh on the memory. But there are so many subtle incidents in life which, apparently, don’t register on the memory but play very significant roles in deciding how we feel. And there are such small subtle incidents of life which we encounter most of the times, and not the bigger ones.

So as I sit writing about the year that passed, some of the bigger events which come to my mind are getting a job, leaving the college, reluctance to join the job I got at college and my desperate efforts to find a new one, finally joining the same job with much reservations in mind, meeting new people at Jhinjholi (during my job life at Surya Roshni Ltd), quitting the job, finally taking a call about not joining the regular jobs (despite having one such opportunity) and a fair amount of travelling throughout the year.

Though I always wanted to pass out of college as soon as possible but I have missed college days a lot after passing out. Not because I very much loved to stay there abut I guess because I was addicted to a certain kind of lifestyle in college and I find it difficult to adjust to a new one. But leaving college led me to learn bigger lessons in the University of Life, which I simply adore.I learn a lot about the Big Bad World out there and learnt how to deal with it to some extent. I also became a little clearer about what I want to do with my life.

The job life, however, short was quite exotic and different. Though it was not all good but it exposed to some entirely different things. Jhinjholi, Vipassana (meditation) and Naturopathy Camp were such new experiences.

The year saw me as a student, an employee and finally as an unemployed graduate. So, how does being unemployed feel? Frankly and honestly speaking, lack of engagement has is never comfortable for anyone but I have the satisfaction of not doing something which I actually don’t want to do.

I read a lot this year and hope to continue that for the next year too. However, I got a little bit lazy with my blog which I think I should take care of the next year.

Now as all of us wait eagerly for the New Year, I wish it brings more experiences and learning. And at the same time, Happiness for Everyone!

Adios 2010! :-)

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