Friday, April 8, 2011

Tum Bihari Ho Na

This post should have come about a week ago at least but call it my laziness or the blame it on the World Cup or Poonam Pandey that it took so long. However, even though I am late, I am here to unveil another face life had shown me a few days ago. While coming to Delhi on last Tuesday i.e. 29th March, I had a verbal fight with a family sharing my train compartment. The reason was simple, they wanted to sleep during the daytime and wanted me to go to my berth and sleep as well. I refused and this led to the quarrel. Generally, I avoid such things while travelling, but this almost around 60 man and his wife and his daughter looked too haughty to me and I decided not to 'cooperate' with them.

So, when I refused to change my place and go to upper berth, this family started shouting at me and called up the TTE. The TTE, as the rules say, took my side. And then the family started taking it all on my 'Bihari' culture. "Lagta hai tum Bihar se aaye ho. Yahi culture hai tumhara? Itne din ho gaye mujhe travel karte huye, kabhi aisa koi nahi mila tumhare jaisa. Train me gunda gardi karte ho tum. Mera bhi beta tumhare hi itna bada hai, wo to aisa nahi hai." (It seems you have come from Bihar. Is this your culture? I have been travelling for so many days but never seen anyone like you. You behave badly in train. My son is also of your age but he is so cooperating.). The uncle now intimidated me by citing his all important and powerful contacts in Lucknow. I don't understand a few points here:

  • How can someone from eastern UP accuse a Bihari of being uncultured?
  • They should have requested me as they were asking for a favour, yet they forced me. Still, they call themselves cultured??!!!!
  • The three of them were shouting about my culture as if shouting will wash away everything bad about my culture and show that they are more cultured?
  • Talking about contacts in Lucknow made them very cultured?
  • If a fellow Bihari doesn't agree to all your whims at any place, you start taking it out on the Bihari culture?

People are going to have stereotypes about Biharis, I agree but they should also think before they are speaking or doing anything. And this incident has strengthened my stereotype about the 'self believed importance and intelligence' of people around Lucknow.


  1. You kill your writings by putting translation next to Hindi conversation .. that's not really.needed. whoever is reading ur post can usually understand the Hindi bit tooo. The translation kills the flow....

  2. @Rajeev Sir

    Point noted, will take care. Thank you for suggesting! :-)

  3. You too seem to have Lucknowites as your step...;)

  4. @ S Jain

    If you read the post carefully, you should be able to judge whether one ought to have stereotypes or not!

    And yes, I do have my stereotypes. :-)

  5. I have read the post carefully and one thing I want to point out ... this incidence has noting to do with you being from Bihar ... He would have done the same to a fellow from Mumbai or Delhi and would hv said -- Boys from big cities dnt respect their parent how can they respect me .... sth like that. You just cant help it friend its India, no matter u are from which place ppl will make fun of u in any verbal argument. But yes your statement about urr stereotype for Lucknow snatches every rights from u to call them wrong ..

  6. I think it's great you included English. Not everyone reading this will understand Hindi.