Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Dog Stories

A funny thing happened when I was on my way to the office at quarter past eight today (Yes, I came to office before nine today and have successfully managed to publicize it ;-)). On my way to the metro station, I saw a man walking his dog. The dog was well clothed, I guess even more than the man. (Don’t worry that’s not the point of discussion here!). The dog was sniffing wherever it wanted to and this man was quite happy as if the dog were his master dragging him wherever the animal wanted to go (I know calling a dog by the name of an animal may hurt some people but alas, dogs are nothing else but animals). And after a while I saw the dog sniffing a man sleeping on the pavement along the road. I thought that this gentleman would pull the dog back but to my surprise, this man was not bothered about the comfort of the man sleeping. He was happy letting the dog sniff around the poor guy sleeping on the road. It looked as if the man sleeping was some bomb wrapped in garbage and the dog was with the police petrol squad trying to detect a bomb.
The result was as expected, the poor homeless guy work up with a startle. Who would not if being sniffed by a dog while having a nice sleep? And then this hypocrite gentleman, instead of being apologetic of letting to dog sniff anywhere, waved his hands to the poor guy as if saying, “It’s okay, nothing has happened. You can sleep well, it was just a dog.”  Why didn’t this sleeping guy get up and slapped the (so called) gentleman? That would have been a nice lesson.
Another dog incident occurred with me three weeks back when I was going from AIIMS metro station to S J Enclave. On the pavement along the road (Looks as if the dog story happens only on the pavement!), there was a dog resting in the shade of the tree. Since it was already dark and I moved from a brightly lit area into the shade of the tree, I couldn’t sense that there is a dog sitting there. And I stumbled onto the dog and fell down hurting my knees badly. And when I got up, I was blamed by this servant of the dog (or the dog’s owner) for not walking properly. As I could guess, he must have been asked by the dog’s owners to take their son-like dog for a walk and our dog’s servant (or the owners’ servant) let the dog have rest and was busy gossiping with a fruit vendor when all this happened.
What I can’t figure out is why people need to keep dogs! Do they have so much that they need the excess supply of everything to go to an animal? Or are they so bored of life that they need a living creature to entertain them? In any case, can’t they see that there are thousand s of people who remain hungry every day? And for those who say that dogs are there for security purposes, why don’t you hire a watchman and give employment to a person than wasting money on a kutta?
I wish people become more thoughtful so that they realize the difference between a dog and a man and get senses to understand who is more valuable between the two!

P.S. I don’t care whether you have a dog or no! But if you have one, just take care that:
  • You don’t send it for walk with your domestic helps. Because they never walk with you ‘son-like’ dog.
  • You must take care what your dog is sniffing when you go out with it for a walk.

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