Sunday, May 19, 2013


“Your guru should always be a crackpot”, said Dr Madan Gopal Singh in one of the music workshop sessions which he conducted at the Young India Fellowship. “There is no beauty in being normal” he added emphasizing the futility of having a customary and standard life. While this statement seems a bit outrageous at times, especially when we try to trace the conventional path of success in our lives, diverting from the conventional path makes us special and hence exceptional.

Though most of us end up living ordinary lives, each one of us wants to lead extraordinary lives. And we cannot make our lives special if we move on the regular path. However, one should not deviate from the well-set path of life just for the sake of going on a different path. The urge to choose one’s own path, however different and unheard of it might be, should come from within. One way to make sure that one is following one’s own path in life is to keep on doing what one actually wants to do. The nature has made us unique and a bit of crackpot too; and if we follow our inner calling we will be able to find that distinctive path leading to an amazing life.

We need to be distinct, not only in what we do in life but also in our behavior with other people. This uniqueness of behavior is something which keeps us lasting in others’ memories for long.  It is difficult for anyone in the beginning to accept a divergence from the ‘normal’ behavior but this deviation is something which we start loving later on. This is what makes us miss someone close. Had every other person displayed same manners, we would not have missed particular persons.

The digression from ‘the perfect’ is something which enhances physical beauty as well. Does not the moon look a lot more beautiful because there are black spots on it? Or does not a mole increase the elegance of a lady a thousand times over?

Most of us try to suppress our irregularities in behavior, looks, or attitude hoping that we would achieve perfection by doing so. However, this exactness always remains a mirage. Instead let us try to be comfortable with who we are as we are already beautiful people with our unique characteristics. Let us be happy with being the crackpot each one of us is and there would no longer be need for perfection.

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