Monday, June 1, 2009

The First Post

As I sit down writing the first post on this blog, there are so many things which come upto my mind and believe me, it's kind of difficult to choose what should get a place in this memorable and historical blog-post. Since the title of the blog says 'My Life & My Thoughts', I will try to present some true aspects of my life here alongwith thoughts which come up in my 'Beautiful Mind'. And since I want the blog to look realistic, I have decided to do the least possible editing as I write(read type) the blog-posts.

Though it's my first post on this blog, but I have written a few more, four to be precise, on the EDC IITR blog ( ). Earlier, I thought that I would keep blogging on that blog itself but since that was not the place where I could pick up random topics and start pouring in my thoughts. And moreover, my official asoociation with EDC remains only for one more year as of now. So, why not get something which is completely my own, forever and ever.

Since I changed my thoughts about creating a blog of my own, let me talk something about changes in life. To think of if, nobody would like to have many changes in life but yet so many changes happen around us that we hardly notice them. Our attitudes change over the period of time, though people generally don't admit them. To illustrate this, I would only ask you to think about your life and your aspirations when you entered high school and compare them with today's. Are they same? Have not we accepted that big change without even realising about it? Similarly, our liking and interest change with the passage of time. There was a time when I thought myself to be a true student of Science but today, I can see a big gap between the true spirit of science and myself.

One major change which occured yesterday was the end of four-year reign of Rafael Nadal over the Roland Garros. I always thought that this could be the memorable year when the young Spainard could life all the four Grand Slams. Anyway, his defeat has paved way for the mighty Rodger Federer to create history, by not only winning all the four Grand slams but also equalling the record of Pete Sampras for winning the maximum Grand Slams. My best wishes to the Swiss player!! Well, the record of winning all the four Grand Slams can also be acheived by Rafa if he wins the US Open this year. How great it would be to see two graet players acheiving great laurels in the same year, that too within a few months!! I am keeping my fingers crossed. :-)

Meanwhile, I am eagerly waiting for the changes expected to be brought about by Barack Obama and Manmohan Singh by the people of their respecive countries and the world in case of Mr. Obama.

Let us hope for the BEST!!

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