Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hectic Day

The workload has increased a bit during the last few days. And as I write this blog, I am really tired working for the last 150 minutes at a stretch. What? What did I say? I get tired working only two and half hours at a stretch. Not always but yes, I get tired when if I do a repetitive work for even one hour. Everyone wants to have something new in life. And actually, these new things keep our lives interesting and going. To think of it, how boring would it be if we had to wake up at the same hours, do our work exactly the same manner ever, come back from work at the same time and see the same channel and same program on the TV?

When I talk about changes, I remember a funny incident which happened to me when I was in school. When I was in eighth grade, we had an interesting rule in class. We were asked by our Math’s teacher to sit on the exactly same seat throughout the year. And the funny thing was that the seat too was decided by him. This thing irked me the most. It's kind of okay if one likes a particular place/seat/area and wants to stick to it but being compelled to like any place allotted looked very difficult to me those days (and even today). So, being a sweet, sincere innocent kid, fearing the long stick in the hands of the Math’s teacher, I could never raise a voice against his autocratic systems. But I never missed a chance to criticize his ways in front of my friends. To my bad luck, once while doing so, the dear Math’s teacher heard my 'praises' for him. And then, what happened with me can only be imagined if you have ever gone to a gaon ka iskool (school in a village) where most of the teachers like to keep a danda (stick) as frequently as they wear pants.

So, why did I tell you all this? Bas yun hi, I felt like taking a break from work and wrote it.
Chalo, I leave for lunch now.

By the way, my internship is getting over on 7th of July and will be leaving for home on 8th. Got my tickets booked today. Will be posting my experiences at Gurgaon soon.

Till then, keep welcoming the changes in your lives.

Ba Bye for now. My dear Lunch!! I am coming to devour you.


  1. Its not about the 'gaon ka school' thing..we always had the same benches to sit on with the same partners..which were decided according to our heights.!.that was no doubt more pathetic :(

    Anyways commendable post..!!..keep them coming.... :)

  2. @Shruti

    'Gaon ka School' thing is writeen to highlight the punishment which teachers give, especially in schools which are in rural areas and where teachers take it as their birthright to beat the students with their sticks and humiliate them in front of the class in whatever ways they please.

    Even today, many orthodox teachers believe in the philosophy "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child".