Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hope We Must

Hope is a very beautiful word.  And as beautiful the word is, it is equally important at the same time. Some might say that they don’t believe in just hoping something and rather work hard to get things done for them. But somewhere in our unconscious mind and the innermost plates of our hearts, we keep hope. Hope that everything would be good and get even better. And this hope sustains us throughout our lives, though all the ends.

This is hope which makes us believe in ourselves, our deeds, our destiny, our karma and our work. It’s the hope for better results that we even try to work for the desired results. Without hope there won’t be any desire to work and achieve anything. It’s hope which keeps our sprits alive when life hits on the head with a brick.

It was the hope of finding the new lands which propelled Christopher Columbus to sail into the never ending ocean. And we all know that he ended with the discovery of Americas. When Martin Luther King, Junior said ‘I have a Dream’, what he actually had was hope that the African Americans would also get the same rights as the Whites. All the major revolutions, which resulted in some significant changes like the Industrial Revolution, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution or any other for that matter, were centred around the hope to bring the changes.  It nothing other than hope which is keeping the entire world in equilibrium when the economy seems to be in a gloomy state.  

We need hope in every walk and every aspect of our lives. In fact, we need hope to live every second of our lives. Is it not the hope of waking up the next day which allows us to have a peaceful sleep? Can anyone sleep with content for even a minute if he or she doesn’t have the hope of witnessing the sunrise next morning? With hundreds of people being killed every day in road mishaps, rail accidents and flight crashes, is it not the hope of reaching the destination safely which encourages us to undertake a new journey? And it’s the hope to get back to his home and family in the mind and heart of a soldier which keeps him from running away from the warfront during the difficult and heart breaking conditions he encounters.

To sum it all, we need hope to move each small step in the journey of life. Cheers to the beauty and completeness which ‘Hope’ adds to our lives!!

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