Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Love Aaj Kal – 3 Stars

With the beautiful music of the movie released quite a while before the release of the movie, Love Aaj Kal was one of the most awaited films of the year. Even I tried my best to watch it as soon as possible. But the movie finally ended up being an ordinary Bollywood type love story with some jabardasti (forcefully) added modernism and a lot of non-natural acting.

From the very first scene, Saif Ali Khan has looked very confused while portraying a modern young man. Deepika Padukone too was only able to deliver the dialogues without adding any emotional touch to them.

Though the plot is set up in London but where in this world people break up so happily that they actually end up giving a party? And to add to that, even after break up, they remain the closest person for each other. Ridiculous!! Looks break up is a child’s play and people play this game whenever they are bored and guess the producers in Bollywood think that the Indian audience is ready to eat anything they serve. Moreover, Saif is portrayed as a guy who doesn’t believe in love and this guy couldn’t move on without his ex-girlfriend when the two are apart.

And the appearance of Rishi Kapoor is again made to look very unnatural. And why does Saif entertain a person who is telling a love story to him, an age old Indian love story, while he doesn’t believe in the existence of love.

And now, going back to the 1965 story, when Rishi Kapoor (actually played by Saif) was in again, Saif is quite unable to give the look and tashan (style) of a true sardar. And guess what, while the guy acts like a loafer and follows the girl everywhere the girl falls in love with the guy instead of being angry. And then there comes the normal Bollywood drama of the girl going away from the guy and the guy following her to places, the girl getting married to some other person and the brave ‘man’ steals her away while half of the wedding is already done.

And in present times, Rishi Kapoor tries to persuade modern Saif about how true and sacred his love was and how has the meaning of the word changed in the present times. And since for Bollywood, old is always gold even if it looks like coal, Saif has to come round and he gradually starts realising his love for his ex Deepika.

There are many more glitches present in the movie:

  • Deepika realises her love for Saif after they have been separated for two years and she is with Rahul Khanna for one year.
  • This realisation happens the very next day she is married.
  • Rahul Khanna behaves as if nothing has happened when Deepika leaves her on the very next day of their wedding.

As I write this, the gross income for the movie is soaring. Maybe because people expected the movie to be as good as the songs. But since the revenue is expected to go much higher, I can only say that anything sells in Bollywood these days, at least the success of movies like Kambakkth Ishq and Singh is King suggests so.

3 out of 5 stars from my side!! 

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  1. Comon!! man, i dint find any of that crap.. something which happens in real world where people do take practical decisions. I do agree towards the end things were surreal. But the part wherein they break-up happily is something which seemed pretty logical. Furthermore it was much better than all the romantic shit that bollywood feeds us and we eat up like hounds. It was how one might look at the romance that exists between real people, and how we have come to treat relationships and love. I would also like to praise the director for some brilliant ideas, esp the song which shows the transition in Saif's mood(from rapturous excitement to utter dismay) in New York.

    Honestly, i started reading this blog because of the Love aajkal title and found it exactly opposite of what I was expecting!!