Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nice Drama Emraan!!

India is a land of celebrities. Not only because there are too many of them but also because they dominate the minds of the common people. They are looked upon with awe by the masses in the country. And their words are like Brahma’s (The Creator God) verdict. The country rotates about what they say and so do our administrative system and the never stopping outspoken media. And the funniest part is that most of the celebrities are celebrities not because they achieved greatness in their work, but due to the reason that they were born to some hotshot parents or uncles or some other kins.

One such celebrity is Emraan Hashmi. Had it not been for his uncle Mahesh Bhatt, he would have never been known to the celebrity starved Indian junta. And had it not been for the unnecessary kisses in his movies, he would never have been a star. Funny, isn’t it? A person with no real actual acting talent is one of the well –known actors in the leading movie industry of the world. But that happens in India many times and we can talk about in details later. And more importantly, the Indian people who look at two lovers, kissing on road, in disgust love this guy who enjoys kissing in all his films.

But even a serial killer gets bored committing murders exactly the same way every day. And so was the case with our Emraan Bhai Sahab. Like every other normal person, he too needed a change from his regular kissing life, a new story to ride the minds of the people, and to come in the limelight. And for this, all he needed to do was to speak something about religion or race or cate or language in this hyper sensitive country of ours. The rest was to be taken care by the news-starved media.

Belonging to a minority community, it was easy for him to choose the ‘religion route’.  And he did exactly the same. After all, what is his fault when generating a lot of reaction and attention is a child’s play in this country?

He was denied a house in Pali Hill and he blamed the owner and the housing society for being communal in not letting him buy it. But little did he care to think about the reasons for which the owners didn’t want to sell the flat.  Anyway, why should he have thought about anything? He wanted limelight and he got it. Thanks to our ‘extra-free’ media!!

A question comes to my mind when I think of what Emraan did. Should I sue the tailor (who is a Muslim) in our hostel every time he says no to me, on the grounds of religion? Some of the temples in our country prohibit the entry of non Hindus and so is the case with some of the mosques, which allow only Muslims inside. Does it mean that we take the Pundit or the Imam in such places to the court? Or, for that matter, should I sue every autowallah  (auto- rickshaw driver), if he refuses to take me to some place for some reason or the other?

Emraan should have realised that he is at a position where generating such statements may have caused severe communal tension in the country. He should have been modest in his behaviour. He should have thought before he said anything. He should have remembered that it’s because of the love given by about 800 million Hindus of the country that his voice was able to create a buzz in a single ear in the country even.

And now when the issue got more attention and more reaction than he wanted, he is withdrawing his statement saying that there had been a miscommunication.

Mr Emraan, what do you think of yourself? You can say anything which generates so much of reaction among the masses and then simply walk away throwing it all on a miscommunication. Do you think a celebrity should do this? Doesn’t a celebrity, who is loved by so many, have to understand what to speak and what not? But what you did was quite opposite of what a celebrity should have done. May be because you are not a real celebrity. You needed the presence of your uncle (Mahesh Bhatt) in the industry to become a star. You never had to try that hard to create an impact in the minds and hearts of the people. And perhaps that’s why you couldn’t learn the proper way to conduct yourself when you reached a certain height.

May God give you some wisdom!! Amen!!


  1. Hey..nice one..and a long one too...
    but is this thing about the Imaam in our campus true? I dont believe this...has anyone experienced it first hand??

  2. @PC
    I wrote about the Imam thing according to my information that non Muslims are generally not allowed inside the mosques. But since you raised the point and as I dug into the matter, I could find no supporting evidence for the same. So, I have edited the post accordingly.

    Thanks a lot for pointing out!!